Richard and Carol's Story

Richard and Carol Scott were enjoying life to the fullest until joint pain began disrupting their plans and slowing them down.  In April 2010, Richard had a total knee replacement, and in August 2011, Carol had her hip replaced using the anterior hip approach.  Now living pain free, Richard and Carol are back walking, golfing and doing all the things they enjoy.  They are grateful to their surgeon, the hospital team, and each other for their successful experiences with join replacement. 

Since 2010, Richard and Carol have become extremely knowledgeable about joint replacement.  They know first-hand what it is like to have a joint replaced, and they also know from a coach's point-of-view what total joint replacement is all about.  At Conway Medical Center, the Joint Replacement team encourages each patient to have a "coach," and Carol and Richard understand why.

"I had a close friend who had his knee replaced," Richard explained.  "He became my coach along with Carol. This support made a difference.  During recovery, you can basically do whatever you want, but your mind says to slow down and keeps reminding you that you've been through surgery.  My friend and Carol kept telling me that I was okay.  I knew Carol had listened to what the doctors and nurses and physical therapists had told me, and she was a second set of ears.  This helped me focus on doing my exercises and getting up and moving around."

For Carol, Richard was her coach.  "Richard helped me from the start.  He was right there for the pre-op meeting and the surgery and at home.  We learned that the coach is supposed to be there to assist the patient and walk them through the procedure and that is what he did," Carol said.  "For the patient, it can be challenging to take in so much information, so the coach really helps.  They hear the same information the patient hears, but they aren't the one going through it.  As a result, they can clarify things, encourage you, and keep you on track with your recovery," Carol added.

Looking back, Carol and Richard agree that there is no need to procrastinate about having total joint replacement.  It is the key to making life enjoyable again.  "There is no sense in living with pain and letting pain stop you from getting around.  With joint replacement, you can have your life back.  I went back to my job at the library four weeks after knee surgery, and Carol was back on the golf course six weeks after hip surgery.  It is amazing," Richard explained.