Outpatient Nutrition Services

Conway Medical Center offers Outpatient Nutrition Services for patients at nutritional risk.  If you have been prescribed a special diet by your physician or if you want to learn more about healthy eating, CMC can help.  We provide individualized medical nutritional therapy with a registered dietitian for people of all ages who have specific nutritional needs.


Our Team

Guided by our registered dietitians, our caring and professional staff will give you the necessary steps and tools to acquire healthy eating habits and make the correct choices for best nutritional values targeted to your individual diagnosis.

Our Program

With a wide range of clinical experience in a variety of specialties, CMC provides nutrition counseling for the following conditions:


High Cholesterol
   Failure to Thrive
Obesity/Weight Management    Sports Nutrition
Wound Care/Pressure Ulcers
   Renal Disease
Elevated Blood Pressure
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
   Metabolic Syndrome
Cancer, Radiation Enteritis
   Celiac Disease
Liver Disease
   Ethnic Diet Education
Childhood Obesity
   Prenatal Nutrition
Eating Disorders

 Nutrition Counseling Services

A physician's order is required to schedule an appointment with CMC Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Services.  The physician's order can be faxed to our Central Scheduling Department at 843-234-5016.  Please also submit your insurance card/information so we can determine if nutrition counseling is covered under your insurance plan and advise you of any co-payment or payment that will be needed.  If you need to contact our Central Scheduling Department, their direct line is 843-234-5474.

Prior to your comprehensive nutritional counseling session, please provide the following items:

  • any recent blood work/lab results
  • a list of all current medications
  • a completed three-day food record/log

If you would like additional information about our Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Service, please call 843-347-8241.