About Sleep Disorders

Treatment for your sleep disorder

At Conway Sleep Disorders Center, we focus on finding the reason you have difficulty sleeping, then design an individualized treatment plan for you. We offer a network of state-of-the-art, professionally staffed sleep centers to facilitate treatment and diagnosis of all types of sleep disorders.

Drowsy days and dreamless nights

There are many sleep disorders that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue. Many times patients are unaware that they are having sleep problems such as apnea or periodic limb movements during sleep that cause you to be tired during the day.

Often, your bed partner may be aware of these problems, but, in some cases, the problems are subtle and can only be identified by a trained sleep specialist with proper testing.

Regardless of what is keeping you awake at night, we can treat any sleep disorder including:

  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleep talking
  • Night terrors/nightmares
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Rocking or head banging
  • Narcolepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating during sleep
  • Mouth breathing while sleeping
  • Restless Limb Syndrome or Restless Leg Syndrome

If you have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep 

There are many reasons for insomnia, the term for difficulty going to sleep, or going back to sleep if you wake up in the night. These can include: 

  • Poor sleep habits
  • Medical problems and issues
  • Depression
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Others

Don’t let your sleep issues go undiagnosed. Our physicians specialize in sleep medicine, which means you can get the treatment you need for healthy sleep and a healthier life. Call us today at 843-234-5166 and sleep easier knowing help is on the way.