Caring for Your Feet

CMC's Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine knows how important it is for diabetics to take care of their feet.  The summer months are an especially crucial time because of wearing open-toed shoes and walking barefoot.

An innocent scrape or blister on the foot may turn into a real problem for diabetics.  Diabetic neuropathy can lead to pain and numbness in the feet and cause a wound to be left untreated.  Poor circulation is also an issue with diabetics.  High blood glucose can damage blood vessels, resulting in reduced circulation.  Diminished circulation can slow the healing process leaving a small wound to possibly become a much larger problem.

If you do encounter a wound on your foot that won't heal, our board certified physicians and expertly trained staff can help you in your healing process. 

CMC Center for Wound Healing has information on how to help you take care of your feet.  To have this information sent directly to you, please fill out the form below.

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Watch Dr. Peter Bleyer discuss how diabetics can take care of their feet during the summer months.