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CMC Hernia Center

A Bulge You No Longer Have To Battle

It's usually easy to recognize if you have a hernia. The pain in your abdomen is more than apparent when you bend, lift, pull, and push.  These bothersome symptoms, sometimes accompanied with a bulge in your belly, are pretty obvious signs that you have a hernia. But you don't have to battle those painful symptoms any longer.

The CMC Hernia Center is equipped with the expertise and cutting edge technology to easily treat this common condition.  Our expert surgeons have performed thousands of successful hernia repairs and are now utilizing a sophisticated robotic surgical procedure that allows them to perform operations through a few small incisions as opposed to multiple incisions used in traditional operations.  Through the enhanced capabilities this robotic system gives our expert surgeons coupled with our comprehensive pre and post-operative care, we are seeing improved outcomes and quicker recoveries amongst our patients.

What is a hernia?

The wall of the human abdomen has many areas of weakness.  No matter your age there is the potential that you can develop a hernia.  It's one of the most common conditions affecting both men and women.  But what is actually happening when you have a hernia?

A hernia occurs when internal tissue and/or  your intestine push through the inside layers of your abdominal wall resulting in a tear or bulge.  This can occur when lifting something heavy, while violently coughing, straining during bowel movements, or when engaging in activities that exert extreme pressure on your organs and muscles.  Hernias commonly occur in the groin area, belly button, and at the site of a previous injury or surgery.

A hernia will not get better with time and go away by itself.  At times, it can cause severe pain and can even cause other more serious complications to your health that should not be ignored.  When faced with needing hernia surgery, you can reap the benefits of the surgical expertise and cutting edge technology that is available at the CMC Hernia Center.


CMC Hernia Center

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