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All Cancers Support Group

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Our support group is a free gathering open to patients with all types of cancer and in any stage. Connect with others and learn from cancer experts in a relaxed, supportive environment. Come be part of a community that understands one another and discuss your diagnosis, share challenges, ask questions, and have yummy treats.



LOCATION: The support group will be held in the
Private Dining Room #1 located in Conway Medical Center
300 Singleton Ridge Road, Conway, SC 29526

Benefits of a Cancer Support Group

1. Comprehensive Emotional, Social, & Educational Support

Cancer support groups offer a blend of emotional, social, and educational support to guide those going through cancer treatments, as well as cancer survivors, through all phases of care. Support groups are run by clinical and spiritual guides with expertise and training in helping patients and families cope with adjusting to cancer. Topics cover everything from strategies for dealing with fatigue, isolation and concerns about the future to open-forum discussions on personal struggles and achievements.

2. Leads to Greater Quality of Life

Many studies have shown that support groups can improve quality of life for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis. In fact, support groups have been known to reduce anxiety and stress, emotional distress and depression, fatigue and the experience of pain, as well as to improve mood, self-image, ability to cope with stress, sexual enjoyment and overall feelings of control.

3. Continues Support Post Treatment

Surviving cancer is the best possible outcome. Support can be just as important during treatment and recovery as it is once the cancer is gone, when a new set of challenges may emerge.  Support is just as important as you move past treatment and begin to navigate your new normal.

4. We need you and we need each other! Come be a part of a community that understands one another.

Call 843-347-8155 to register.


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