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Bogdan Luchkevich, DO

Bogdan Luchkevich, DO,

Family Medicine

Primary Care

Dr. Bogdan Luchkevich was a member of the Wolfpack, completing his bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and minor in Russian Literature at North Carolina State University. During the time he was studying to apply to medical school he volunteered at the local hospitals and retirement homes while requesting his friends to drag him out from his textbooks if they felt he needed it to stay sane. Bogdan is a strong advocate for leading a “balanced” lifestyle and believes that there is a fundamental difference between “living” and “thriving”, and he hopes to incorporate his beliefs into both his and his patients’ lives.

After traveling and seeing a variety of different cultures, including the one in his own birth country of Ukraine, he is a strong proponent of preventative healthcare, believing that it is the most powerful method to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. He also hopes to one day enter academia to help educate students and the community on the true benefits of primary healthcare.

As most of his family lives overseas, he tries to find time to visit them as often as he can and continues to stay in close contact. In his spare time, he enjoys getting together with his friends for board games, reading scifi/fantasy novels, watching Twitch and Netflix, and, when the muse strikes, arts and craft. To get some fresh air, he likes to play tennis, explore the nearby parks, and is a big fan of trying any activity at least once.

Undergraduate School

  • North Carolina State University

Graduate School

Medical Education

  • Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine





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