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Pediatric Center

Pediatric Center

The Pediatric Center staff welcomes you and your child to our facility.

Should you and your child need to stay with us, please know that we will strive to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

For your child’s comfort and safety, one parent or adult is required to stay with your child 24 hours per day. Visiting hours are 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. In order to provide a quiet environment for your child to rest, we ask that no one except the one parent/guardian stay overnight.

Your child’s physician has written orders for a specific diet, medications, lab tests, x-rays, and other needed treatments. Parents can be a great comfort to their child by helping to explain to the child why these procedures are necessary. The physician will give you the results of tests as soon as available, but please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or concerns.

Medications will be given according to a schedule ordered by the physician. This usually requires waking the child during the night. Your child’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure) will also be measured several times during the day and night.

An IV line may be needed to provide fluids and/or medications. Children have very small veins, especially when they are sick, therefore it is not unusual for it to require several tries to get the IV in place. You can be assured that the staff will be as gentle as possible during all procedures. If your child does require an IV, please help us by protecting the IV dressings from being pulled off.

Your child’s diet may be restricted for Lab work, x-rays, or to allow the stomach to rest. Your nurse will instruct you on your child’s diet needs/restrictions. The hospital has an assortment of infant formulas, juices, baby food, etc. at the nurses’ station. For older children, we have a “kids menu” to choose from. Complimentary meals will be delivered to the child’s room for the one parent who remains with the child. We also have a cafeteria available. Disposable diapers, pull-up pants, baby bottles, sipper cups, baby bath and infant child gowns are available at our Pediatric Center. You may give your child a sponge bath at any time, depending on the child’s condition. Ask a nurse for assistance if your child has bandages on or an IV.

Safety is a major concern, therefore we ask that you please not allow your child or visitors to crawl or play under cribs or beds, to lean on or over the side rails, or to play with any hospital equipment. Children should wear slippers or slip-proof socks while walking. Please report any broken furniture, spills, or sharp objects to your nurse, so that they can be removed as soon as possible. Babies and toddlers should sleep in the crib with the side rails all the way up at night. If your baby is able to lean over the crib rail, please let us know. We have cribs with safety tops available for this purpose. If your child sleeps in the bed, please keep the side rails up to avoid falls. In order to protect your child from exposure to other illnesses, please keep him/her on the Pediatric Unit at all times and avoid visiting in other patient’s rooms.

Many patient rooms at the Pediatric Center have oxygen in use, creating a highly flammable environment. Therefore, all electrical appliances you bring into the hospital, such as hair dryers, curling irons and electric shavers must be checked out and approved by our engineering staff before being used. We also ask that you not allow your child to play with electrical toys or any toys that could create friction sparks.

A playroom is available for your child’s play and exercise needs. A parent or adult must stay with the child at all times while in the playroom. In order to prevent the spread of illness, please do not take your child to the play room if he or she has any of the following:

  • Temperature above 101 degrees.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Frequent cough or runny nose.
  • Draining wounds or skin lesions.
  • Chicken pox, measles, or any other illness that is contagious.

Throughout your hospital stay, and especially at the time of discharge, your child’s physician and nurses will give you the information you need to be able to provide your child’s care at home after discharge, and instructions on when to return to the physician for follow-up exams. Please feel free to ask any questions or ask for demonstrations on how to use any equipment or perform any procedures that you are not sure of before you leave.

Immunization Schedules for Infants & Children


The Conway Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals in the Conway Medical Center service area.

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Conway Medical Center hosts a variety of events monthly including blood drives, CMC auxiliary events, educational seminars, and more.  Our Community Outreach Programs offer medical care to individuals with no medical insurance and no family physician. 

Patient Portal

Our combined Patient Portal allows patients to electronically access their medical records for both their hospital and physician office encounters at their convenience on any computer, tablet or mobile device that has internet connectivity.