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CMC Sleep Disorders Center

There are better nights of sleep ahead

At the CMC Sleep Disorders Center, we focus on finding the reason you have difficulty sleeping, then design an individualized plan for you. The CMC Sleep Lab is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is run by Dr. Hafez Hayek, board certified in sleep medicine, and credentialed sleep technicians and registered respiratory therapists.

With some of the most experienced sleep physicians and technical staff in the state, our sleep lab incorporates the latest technical equipment, with a soothing testing environment to ensure maximum patient care and comfort. Our sleep disorder facility has the benefits to promote a productive, comfortable sleep environment including:

  • Private Rooms

  • Queen-sized beds with comfortable linens

  • Heavy-duty beds to accommodate bariatric patients

  • Wall-mounted, flat-screen TVs with DVD player

  • Private restrooms and shower facilities in each room

  • Family members and caregivers have the option to stay in suite or room at lab with patient

  • Serve children 13 years and older and parents are allowed to stay in the suite with child

  • Updated sleep acquisition equipment to ensure accurate and timely test results

  • Credentialed sleep technicians and registered respiratory therapists equipped to answer patient questions and concerns regarding the testing process

  • Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Sleep Evaluation

A personal sleep evaluation is the first step to sleeping better. A sleep evaluation begins with an office visit with one of our sleep specialists. During this visit, an extensive health history, physical exam and interview will be conducted. If possible, bring your bed partner along for the interview as they can answer questions about your sleep patterns that many times you cannot.


Sleep Study

A sleep study is called a Polysomnogram or PSG. These tests are performed in our sleep center in a quiet, peaceful hotel-like room where we can monitor your brain waves and several parameters to detect sleep disorders.  There is no pain involved during a sleep study and every effort to maintain your normal sleep routing is made during your stay.

Read more instructions for the day of your study.



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