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Cardiac CT

Cardiac CT

Leading Cardiac CT Services at Conway Medical Center

What Is a Cardiac CT Test?

A cardiac CT test utilizes advanced X-ray technology that takes images of the coronary arteries and cardiac structures in a non-invasive manner. A cardiac CT can be used to detect abnormal levels of calcium, early plaque formation, and/or significant blockages that may be present in the coronary arteries.

  • Due to advanced imaging technology, a cardiac CT scan records images with incredible accuracy.

    These images produced by our Philips Brilliance 64 Slice CT scanner have made a significant impact on the lives of our patients by allowing us to take an aggressive and proactive approach to our patients with both early and advanced coronary artery disease.

    Conway Medical Center is proud to have offered this technology since 2009. Our goal is to produce the best quality cardiac imaging utilizing the least amount of radiation exposure to our patients. Extensive training and certification in cardiac CT, and through membership in the Society of Cardiovascular CT has allowed us to accomplish this goal.

Conway Medical Center’s Advanced Cardiac CT Helps Cardiologists Provide State-of-the-Art Care

One of the main advantages of a cardiac CT is that it allows our board-certified cardiologists to have a detailed image of your heart without having to make any incisions. It’s one of many ways that our Heart Center offers you the leading technology and advanced care without having to leave the Conway, Horry County or Myrtle Beach region.

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Need a Cardiac Expert?

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