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CMC’s Leading Experts Perform Cardioversion Procedures

What is a Cardiac Cardioversion Procedure?

Cardioversion is a procedure to restore the heart’s normal rhythm. During the procedure, you’ll be given medication to keep you free from pain. Then the doctor gives you a brief electric shock. This helps your heartbeat become normal again. In most cases, you can go home the same day as the procedure.

  • Before Your Cardioversion Procedure

    • Tell your doctor what over-the-counter and prescription medications, herbs, and supplements you are taking.
    • Take medication as directed. Your doctor may prescribe anticoagulants (blood thinners) for a few weeks. They help prevent blood clots from forming.
    • Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of cardioversion.
    • Sign your consent form.
    • Don’t eat or drink anything for 8 hours before your procedure.
    • Follow any other instructions you are given.
    • Arrange for an adult to drive you home after the procedure.

Cardioversion Procedures Can Help Your Heart Return to Its Normal Rhythm

Irregular heartbeats can pose a serious risk to your health if they are not monitored and treated accordingly. That’s why our board-certified experts at our Heart Centerare dedicated to providing a perfect continuum of care for you—from the moment you first meet them in their cardiology offices to the time you have your procedure. 

See why our Duke Affiliate in Heart has made us the leading choice for cardiac care in the Myrtle Beach, Conway and Horry County regions. 

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