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Shoulder and Elbow

Shoulder and Elbow

Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons in Myrtle Beach and Conway

Shoulder and elbow issues can inhibit your daily life in many ways. Has your golf swing left you in a lot of pain? Perhaps you’re no longer able to practice your serve on the tennis court or an injury has left you sidelined from the basketball court. 

Or maybe you’re just having trouble completing everyday tasks. 

Your shoulder and elbow are some of the most complicated joints in your body, and a problem in these areas not only makes it impossible to continue with the sports you once enjoyed, but it also makes it difficult to drive, work at the computer, and complete routine tasks of everyday life. 

Conway Medical Center’s Orthopedic Services can treat your shoulder and elbow pain and get you back in the game safely and effectively.

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Shoulder and Elbow Conditions Treated at Conway Medical Center

In addition to helping with generalized pain, arthritis, swelling and numbness, some of the additional conditions we treat include:

Orthopedic Doctors in Horry County and Myrtle Beach are Here to Treat Your Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

For decades, our orthopedic surgeons and doctors have established themselves as the leaders in their specialty. Whether you’ve injured your shoulder in an accident or you simply want to get back to your golf game, we tailor a treatment solution with your individual case in mind. 

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