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CMC Graduate Medical Education and Residency Program

CMC Graduate Medical Education and Residency Program

CMC Graduate Medical Education and Residency Program

Conway Medical Center is committed to developing and establishing family medicine education through an affiliation with Campbell University’s Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine.   The partnership with CMC involves training opportunities for third- and fourth-year Campbell medical school students, with additional residency programs provided post-graduation. Students and residents have the opportunity to train alongside primary care physicians and specialists.

CMC’s teaching faculty will provide hands-on experience while educating the physicians of tomorrow.  Our teaching faculty strives to provide a patient-centric, evidence-based medicine educational experience that emphasizes the importance of professionalism and effective interpersonal communication skills. Residents will be given primary patient care responsibility with faculty readily available to teach and mentor them throughout their training and rotations in various specialties including family medicine, cardiology, surgery, rural medicine, and disaster recovery.

At CMC, we are excited about educating the next generation of physicians and helping to train students who exemplify the Campbell Mission of serving rural and underserved communities in the southeastern United States.

Campbell University Official Statement: Click Here

Welcome to Conway Medical Center

On behalf of the CMC Medical Staff Office and the Medical Education Faculty and Staff, I want to extend a personal welcome to you.  Here at CMC, we are thrilled to bring both undergraduate and graduate medical education to our communities.  With over a 90-year history in this area, we are proud to now be able to allow you to benefit from that rich history, as you advance your medical education.

CMC is a vibrant and diverse 222 bed, private, nonprofit one hospital healthcare system that is complimented by an experienced medical staff numbering over 200 providers, in many medical specialties.  Our clinical volumes include an Emergency Department, staffed by all Board-certified Emergency Physicians caring for nearly 45,000 visits per year, an employed provider group composed of nearly 25 practices across Horry County comprised of nearly 75 providers, and a busy Obstetrics service delivering over 1400 babies per year.  In short, your clinical education at CMC will be robust and comprehensive.

We are especially proud of our long record of excellence in patient care and safety.  CMC has received numerous awards in these areas from such nationally renowned organizations as Premier, CareChex, and Leapfrog, just to name a few.  While awards and accolades are important, we know that at the heart of what we excel in is the clinical excellence that leads to these awards.  As a mission minded organization, providing compassionate and excellent medical care to our communities is what we do.

While your medical education is our overarching priority, we strive to make your overall experience in our community enriching to you.  As one of the fastest growing metropolitan service areas in the US for the last several years, Horry County is a great place to live, play, and study medicine.  With all the amenities offered by our Conway/Grand Strand area, including beaches, parks, boating, and shopping, to name a few, you will want to call this area home.  Our goal is to provide you with a world-class medical education, offered in one of the best areas in the US.  We hope that you will choose to include CMC in your medical education journey.

Paul M. Richardson, Jr., MD, MBA, FACP
Chief Medical Officer and Vice President – Medical Education


GME Mission Statement

Conway Medical Center will improve the overall health of our communities by being a leader in health care and medical education.  The CMC Family Medicine Residency program is dedicated to providing quality and personalized care for our patients, and our program seeks to improve access to medical care for our patients.   In partnership with our sponsoring institution, we are committed to educating and training a diverse group of culturally competent physicians to practice in all areas that have a need for primary care physicians, including local and medically underserved areas.

Diversity Statement

Our diversity in trainee recruitment, selection, and retention is achieved through the following: 1) Recruiting to our residency program the most qualified medical students from underrepresented minority groups 2) Strengthening the ties among underrepresented medical students, residents and faculty in the hospital community 3)  Promoting retention of qualified, underrepresented medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty  4) Strengthening the hospital’s ties with the underrepresented communities within the region, while promoting diversity of experiences for our resident physicians.  

Conway Medical Center supports GME faculty diversity by developing programs and policies that recognize the value of a dynamic and diverse community of health providers, enhance organizational effectiveness, and ensure quality recruitment, retention, training, and development of employees.  The Sponsoring Institution participates by holding faculty development sessions in the subject of reduction of implicit bias  and provides education on how a reduction in implicit bias applies to diversity among the programs.


The Conway Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals in the Conway Medical Center service area.

Family Medicine Residency Program

The Conway Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program is sponsored by Campbell University and is accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education.

COVID-19 Information

Your trusted resource for the latest information about the virus and CMC precautions.  CMC continues to lead the way in vaccinating and safeguarding our community.