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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff
Meet the Staff

Donald W Morando, DO
Family Medicine Program Director

Christopher Stang, DO
Associate Family Medicine Program Director



Marc Bahan, MD
CMC Pediatrics

Aaron Epstein, MD
CMC Surgical Associates

Dan Muntean, MD
CMC Primary Care

Susan Barbieri, MD

Sean O’Shea, DO
Emergency Medicine

Maryam Gondal, MD

Gilbertas Rimkus, MD
CMC Surgical Associates

Stephen Brady, MD
CMC Cardiology

Edward Grove, MD
Emergency Medicine

Paul Sasser, MD
CMC Surgical Associates

Hafez Hayek, MD
CMC Pulmonary

Catherin Schaefer, MD
Health Plaza South

Herbie Bryan, MD
CMC Pulmonary

Terry Levenson, MD
CMC Women’s Health

Praveen Vemuri, MD
CMC Neurology

Samer Charbel, MD
CMC Digestive Health

Jessica Lukowski, MD
CMC Women’s Health

James Vest, MD
CMC Primary Care

Nancy Collins, MD
CMC Women’s Health

Kevin Cullen, DO

Nicholas Mexas, MD

David Zaenger, MD
Radiation Oncology


The Conway Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals in the Conway Medical Center service area.

Family Medicine Residency Program

The Conway Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program is sponsored by Campbell University and is accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education.

CMC Care

Through CMC Care you can access your medical records for both your hospital and physician office encounters and set primary care appointments at your convenience on any computer, tablet or mobile device.